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Robert & Donna Fason

The Fasons’ determination and hard work breeds success. A story how their lives changed forever by overcoming hardship and achieving success with Team National.

Don & Dixie Garrison

With a Lifetime of working hard and very little time to spend with their family, Team National gave them the time freedom they needed so they could spend the time with their family.

Dennis & Debbie Martin

An inspiring couple, working 70 to 90 hours a week when Team National changed their lives. With a leap of faith thier dreams come true.

Larry & Debbie McDonald

Looking to save and earn money a bit of money. They never dreamed that they would have such incredible financial freedom today!

Randy & Debbie Weekley

Hard work for 17 years in the Landscaping business, then Team National came into their lives. With no down side, today they can say it is the best decision they ever made!

Brad & Kristin Barton

The Barton’s, two school teachers with very busy lives achieved financial freedom. They saw TN as an opportunity to improve their life, it has turned into so much more.

Ron & Sheila Steffes

With very little time to spend with family TN was their way out. Dedication and positive attitudes allowed them to journey to the top with Team National and spend time where it’s most important, family.

Bobby & Courtney Matheny

Belief that Team National could have the power to change their lives has steered the Matheny’s all the way to success. Their journey to success is moving and relatable to so many.

Don & Laura Glover

Accomplishing their goals and dream became reachable when they looked at Team National. Dreams do come true!


Keith Smith

Sacrifice is left out of Many rags to riches stories, such as exchanging time freedom for wealth. Not so with Team National, a true all American story.

Craig & Michelle Gregory

We were not looking for anything else to add to our schedule, but the Team National concept just made too much sense to pass up.