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In today's economy it is more important than ever to save money. Whether you are looking to buy furniture, a new car, reduce health service costs, or you just want to save money on things you buy every day, we are here to help you save more. The Team National membership can save you money in a variety of areas (over 21 industries), and it's sure to keep more money in your pocket. Click on the link below to learn how you can experience this remarkable product today!

Now is the perfect time to safeguard your family by having an additional stream of income at your disposal. By becoming a Team National Independent Marketing Director, you can take part in the optional earnings program where you can be your own boss and have the time freedom everyone dreams about! Follow the link below to learn more about how you can start earning money with Team National.

Experience this win-win scenario for your business with savings on advertising and marketing, office supplies, merchant and payroll processing services! These are only a few of the areas you will save money in while gaining new customers from a captive audience base of over 350,000+ TN members. To learn how to take advantage of this great business feature, follow the link below.

Road To Financial Freedom

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Robert & Donna Fason
Determination and hard work breed success, and the Fasons' story is an example of that. Watch this video as they share their triumph in overcoming hardship, and achieving success with Team National, including how their lives have been changed forever.
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Don & Dixie Garrison
The Garrisons spent their lives working hard, and had very little time to spend with their family. Team National gave them the time freedom they needed so they could focus more on their family. They have a motivating story that you won't want to miss.
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Dennis & Debbie Martin
Working 70 to 90 hours a week is not ideal for anyone, and the Martins were looking for a change. When approached with the Team National opportunity, they took a leap of faith. That leap of faith has proven to be far more than they could have dreamed. Their story is truly inspiring!
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Larry & Debbie McDonald
When originally looking into Team National, the goal was to save and earn money. The decision to join this company has brought them far more than just that. The McDonalds never dreamed that they would have such incredible financial freedom today!
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Randy & Debbie Weekley
Randy and Debbie worked hard for 17 years in the SOD and Landscaping business, and then Team National came into their lives. Once they were introduced to the company, the Weekleys' struggled to find a down side. After researching the validity of the TN membership, they were interested in becoming members, and today they can say it is the best decision they ever made!
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Brad & Kristin Barton
The Bartons share their story of achieving success with Team National, illustrating how two school teachers with very busy lives achieved financial freedom. They saw TN as an opportunity to save and earn money, and it has turned into so much more for them.
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Ron & Sheila Steffes
The Steffes' journey to the top with Team National was complimented by dedication and positive attitudes. Formerly working in the real estate industry with very little time to spend with family, Ron viewed TN as a way out of a busy life. Their story is truly inspiring.
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Bobby & Courtney Matheny
Belief in this company has steered the Mathenys all the way to success. They believed that Team National could have the power to change their lives, and it has. Their journey to success is moving and relatable to so many.
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Don & Laura Glover

Don & Laura Glover
We never knew that when we looked at Team National it would help us accomplish our goals!
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Keith Smith

Keith Smith
In many rags to riches stories, some of the not-so inspiring details are left out, such as exchanging time freedom for luxuries or wealth. That is not the case with Team National and Keith's story.
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